Montag, 29. August 2016

Hey there!

Welcome on this blog! My name is Niklas Michel, more commonly just called Nikkl. Riding bicycles has been my passion since the age of 15. Alongside training and racing, my favourite hobby is tuning and building bikes.

Accordingly, on my blog you will find all about tuning, custom builds and difficult DIY repairs. Furthermore, I will share my experience concerning exotic tuning parts with all those fellow weight weenies out there. The custom bikes I work on range from an ultralight racing machine to the do-it-all gravel grinder on a shoestring. Often disliked and underestimated is thorough cleaning of the bike – to cure this I want to show you how to maintain and clean your darlings effectively.
Last but not least I'll offer you tutorials to show you how you can repair your bike quickly and cost efficient yourself.

As for now enjoy this little slideshow of things to come.

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